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LemonSalt Food Suppliers

At LemonSalt we pride ourselves in sourcing and procuring the finest ingredients and products from around the world, that wouldn't be possible without the suppliers and brands we choose to stock. All our brands play a role in helping us achieve our vision of bringing worldly flavours to kitchens across the UK. 

Below is a short list of a few of our top food brands, a bit of background about them and what they bring to the LemonSalt table. 


About 1&1:

One and One is an Iranian food brand whose products are produced by Dashte Morghab Co. Established in 1967 in Iran 1&1 products quickly became market leaders due to their innovative approaches to food production and modern technology. With their leading processes and variety of food products,(everything from seasoning, pickles, pastes to Jams and spreads) they have received numerous food quality awards and named one of best food brands in Iran. 

Why we choose 1&1:

1&1 products have become market leaders in Iranian cooking and pantry supplies, with their large selection of tinned foods, spices and sweet jams the flavours of Iran can be tasted worldwide. If you’re looking to cook authentic persian cuisine, you’ll definitely be using a few 1&1 products, like their ab-ghooreh (verjuice).

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About Abido:

Founded in 1950 by Abido Chehade, in Lebanon; Abido grew from local milling of spices and herbs to being the world renowned name it is today. They (Abido) were also one of the first Lebanese food manufacturers to acquire the ISO 9001:2008; which has since been updated in 2015 to meet ISO 2200:2005 food safety management and FDA approved.

Why we choose Abido:

From humble beginnings, Abido sticks true to its origins providing the highest quality spices, blends and ready mixes to provide an exquisite, mouthwatering and flavourful food experience for everyone, at reasonable prices. 

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Ace Teas

About Ace Teas:

Founded in 2016, Ace Tea London’s aim is to revolutionise drinking tea; making tea flavours so exceptional they can be enjoyed hot, cold or even in a cocktail. Ace Tea London makes its teas from both black tea and green tea leaves, crafting new aromas and flavours for every cup. Their strive for quality has been rewarded with three gold stars from the Great Taste Awards. 

Why we choose Ace Teas:

Though they may be a local UK brand, Ace Tea has pushed the boundary and crafted exceptional flavours; and their pursuit of the highest quality teas has lead them to exporting to countries around the world.

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Ahmad Tea

About Ahmad Tea:

Founded in 1986 in Southampton, Ahmad Tea was named after the family’s father. It started as a tea importation company at first, but soon started creating its own blends with unique flavours and retailing these. The company has since grown to a world leader in the tea industry, and continues to innovate on flavours, blends and sustainability. 

Why we choose Ahmad Tea:

With such a large variety of tea flavours, and the quality assurance you get from Ahmad Tea, (shown by their 22 awards from the coveted Great Taste Awards) you’ll find flavours for everyone in their tea blends and tea gifts, from green tea’s to cold brew tea, Ahmad has it all.

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About Anjoman: 

Anjoman was founded in 1988, specialising at first in producing Saffron. They adapted to the growing demand for Middle East and Mediterranean products, adding different items to their range such as Anjoman Tinned Foods, Anjoman Jams, Anjoman Rock Candy, Anjoman Fruit Juice etc, creating a great versatility through Anjoman flavours. 

Why we choose Anjoman:

Their quality assurance is what sets Anjoman apart in the market, with a diversity of flavours from rock candies to spices and herbs, Anjoman embodies the flavours of the Middle East and Mediterranean flavours. 

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About Belazu:

Originally founded as the Fresh Olive Company in 1991, specialising in high quality olive mixes the founders George and Adam knew it’s potential and launched Belazu in 2000. Since then Belazu has thrived and received multiple accreditation and awards for their outstanding product quality and innovation, including over 100 Great Taste Award stars! 

Why we choose Belazu:

Belazu’s commitment to quality has seen it rise to the ranks of a top tier ingredient producer, sourcing the best the Mediterranean has to offer. From olives to olive oils, pastes to pestos and condiments, Belazu helps us bring the flavours of the Mediterranean to your kitchen.

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Cafe Najjar

About Cafe Najjar:

Founded in 1957, cafe Najjar started as a small artisanal coffee roastery in Beirut, Lebanon. They have since grown to exporting quality artisanal coffee flavours to over 48 countries, and taking on the majority share of the coffee market in Lebanon.

Why we choose Cafe Najjar:

Cafe Najjar’s unwavering emphasis on quality has seen them grow to a major coffee distributor around the world. With the variety of artisanal coffee and coffee blends they offer, from instant coffee to aromatic ground coffee they have flavours for all coffee connoisseurs, and bring unique coffee to UK homes. 

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California Garden

About California Garden:

California Garden started from humble beginnings with only three products, canned peaches, canned fruit and canned corn. Shipping products from California, USA; to the Middle East and Asia, they quickly grew to include more products lines while sticking to their core values of superior quality at affordable prices. While their Fava beans are a core product, they’ve gained great market share across multiple product lines like canned and bottled fruits, oils and dressings. 

Why we choose California Garden:

Their commitment to quality and variety of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern products enables our customers the opportunity to indulge in many different, authentic flavours. From Halva extract to canned sardines, date paste to malt drinks, they have an unprecedented range of quality products.

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Cherry Tree

About Cherry Tree:

The Cherry Tree was founded in 1997, with flavour in quality at the focus by only producing small batches of their Chutneys, Preserves and Marmalades. By only producing small batches, and constantly innovating in processes and flavours, The Cherry Tree has managed to maintain its taste experience and lock in over 100 Great Taste Awards and Taste of The West award stars.

Why we choose Cherry Tree:

With the exceptional quality and flavour in their range of products, like their chilli jam and passion fruit curd; The Cherry Tree has set the bar when it comes to local flavours, taking bold steps in blending and discovering flavours from around the world with their award winning chutney’s, jams and preserves.

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Chtoura fields

About Chtoura Fields:

Chtoura Fields started with a vision to provide and deliver, quality Lebanese foods and beverages around the world. They continue to achieve and strive for this vision, with over 20 years of experience exporting to over 15 countries. 

Why we choose Chtoura Fields:

Like many of our suppliers, Chtoura Fields offer a range of products from teas to tomato pastes and Lebanese specialties, allowing us to provide a variety of different flavours from the Middle East to kitchens around the UK. 

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About Durra:

Durra started as a small family run business at the end of the nineteenth century, making date molasses and dried grape molasses until 1979 when the company was registered globally and upgraded its processes to meet international demand, but continues to run with the Al-Durra family principles. 

Why we choose Durra:

Starting as a small family business, and growing through four generations of family, Al Durra has maintained its core principles of quality, being awarded many food awards for its canned foods, sweet jams, pickled foods and cooking spices. Durra embodies the tastes and pride of Arabic food. 

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Gardenia Grain D'or

About Gardenia Grain D'or:

Considered one of the Middle East’s leading food brands, Gardenia Grain D’or has grown since its inception in 1989 to have four state of the art factories in Lebanon and over 20 food awards under their belt. Specialising in Lebanese food, their ranges have collected a few ‘product of the year’ awards for their Lebanese mezze, Spices & pickles and lebanese Tahina ranges

Why we choose Gardenia Grain D'or:

Their vision: to spread the passion of Lebanese cuisine everywhere, everyday; fits perfectly within the LemonSalt ethos, bringing flavours of the world to your kitchen. 

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Gastone Lago

About Gastone Lago:

Founded in 1968 by Gastone Lago to create innovative confectionery with the taste of an artisanal product. Sticking true to Gastone’s values, the company grew through innovation, quality and vision to become a world renowned name, exporting to over 80 countries. A marker of their innovation was the wafer biscuit, apitamising the flavours and delicacy of Italy’s best sweet flavours and textures.

Why we choose Gastone Lago:

‘A taste of Italy’s best’, the Gastone Lago company has maintained its dedication to quality and variety and introduced new sweet treats and products further to their wafer range, like lady fingers, and doughnuts. Allowing the world a taste of Italy's finest treats.

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About Gullón:

Gullón is one of Europe's leading biscuit manufacturers and the only family business to survive over one hundred years in its sector. Founded in Spain in 1892 by Manuel Gullón to introduce an English product to Spanish society; the biscuit. Since then, with relentless innovation they’ve launched a variety of market leading products, like their María and Tostada Dorada biscuits, chocolate covered wafers, and ring shaped pastries. They created the first wholemeal biscuit available on the Spanish Market and created a new segment for ‘health biscuits’. 

Why we choose Gullón:

Through constant innovation and quality, Gullón has managed to secure a trophy cabinet of awards and opened new doors in the biscuit market, making it more inclusive for consumers with health issues and intolerances. 

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About Hani:

Hani started as a small restaurant in Tehran in 1977, creating traditional Iranian food. After gaining popularity and opening further locations they opened a state of the art mass food production for ready meals, like meatless fesenjan stew and Gheimeh stew, with proper nutrition and authentic iranian flavours.

Why we choose Hani:

Hani brings the taste of Persia with its variety of ready meals and cooking ingredients, allowing us to deliver on our promise, bringing flavours of the world to your door.

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About Haribo:

Haribo was started in 1920 by Hans Reigel, creating a sweet confectionery and their iconic dancing bear gummy. Haribo sweets grew in popularity and over the years introduced other products like haribo starmix and haribo licorice wheels, as well as developing and innovating their best sellers like the dancing bear which changed later on to their iconic haribo goldbear. Haribo sweets celebrated its 100th year in 2020 

Why we choose Haribo:

Like many of our suppliers, Haribo has maintained their drive for innovation and quality, bringing natural flavours in new sweets to the market like haribo tangfastics, making haribo sweets a common name worldwide. 

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About Kohinoor:

Translated, koh-i-noor means something that is, or is perceived to be the best of its kind. Which is what the three Arora brothers aimed to deliver when they started Kohinoor in 1976, providing the highest quality basmati rice to the people of India. Since then they have grown to be one of the market leaders in quality Basmati rice and other rice products from India, exporting around the world. Kohinoor also started offering ready meals, to offer an authentic taste of India to customers around the world with its microwave rice dishes, curry and rice dishes, instant curry mix, simmer sauces and cooking pastes. 

Why we choose Kohinoor:

As the name suggests, Kohinoor prides itself in bringing authentic Indian flavours to customers around the world, and their unwavering commitment to quality has enabled them to maintain the reputation they have today. 

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La Molisana

About La Molisana:

Founded in 1912, as an artisanal pasta workshop by the Carlone family, it soon grew to become a leader in durum wheat pasta production. As a market leader, constant innovation was at the forefront of their success, creating square spaghetti and diversifying into natural flours and seminolas and wholewheat range. 

Why we choose La Molisana:

Quality is what La Molisana believes sets it apart, and we agree. Their dedication to maintaining excellent quality with natural ingredients through the mass scale of production they achieve, and the range of products they offer bring natural Italian pasta to homes around the world.

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About Pataks:

Pataks serves a wide variety of Indian cooking sauces, Indian Sweets, Curry Pastes, Indian Meal kits and chutneys and pickles. Pataks was founded in the kitchen of their family home in London, 1958. After gaining popularity for their authentic Indian sweets, and queues forming outside their house, the Pathaks decided to drop the ‘h’ from the name to make it easier for the English community to pronounce, and expand the range to pickled foods. Further evolution saw the range expand to ready made curry sauces and pastes, most famously their Pataks curry paste and Pataks tikka masala paste, allowing home chefs to cook authentic Indian cuisines with ease.

Why we choose Pataks:

Starting from a family kitchen and growing to a world renowned name, Pataks embodies the vision of LemonSalt, to bring flavours of the world to your kitchen; by providing authentic Indian curry sauces and flavouors to homes around the world.

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Roy Nuts

About Roy Nuts:

Roy Nuts is a local UK business, sourcing and producing the best range of nuts, seeds, dried fruits and confectionery. They do all their salting and packaging at their facility, whether you’re looking for salted pistachios and raw cashews, hemp seeds and chia seeds, to dried mango and dried figs, they have it all. 

Why we choose Roy Nuts:

Making healthy taste better is what Roy Nuts stands by, and delivering the highest quality nuts, seeds and dried fruits they don’t disappoint. Their range of products go well as healthy snacks, ingredients and compliments all occasions. As a trusted wholesaler of ours, we are happy to be able to deliver all sorts of nuts and seeds to your home. 

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About Saharkhiz:

Saharkhiz prides itself in all things saffron, producing the finest range of persian saffron ingredients and saffron foods. Since 1932 Saharkhis has made its name in producing the best saffron in Iran, but has since expanded its range to include other saffron products like rock candy, saffron teas and herbal infusions, nuts and dried fruits. 

Why we choose Saharkhiz:

Saffron is a key spice in Middle Eastern cooking,so to bring more of the flavours of the Middle East to UK homes and kitchens we are proud to supply a selection of Saharkhiz products, bringing the flavours of the Middle East to you.

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About Stute:

Stute has been producing high quality jams, marmalades, juices and spreads since 1969, free from preservatives, additives and artificial colourings. Striving to help consumers eat healthier by reducing sugar, Stute takes its quality to its customers seriously, and has become a well known name in the UK market and abroad. 

Why we choose Stute:

As a UK name brand and healthier alternative to readily available highstreet condiments, Stute has set itself apart as a market leader and allows consumers around the world to make healthier choices for sugar free jams and diabetic safe spreads and juices.

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Terre Exotique

About Terre Exotique:

Terre Exotique follows a passion for gastronomy; the science of good eating; by bringing unique and unusual flavours together to create an experience of flavour. This french brand brings together a range of products, spices and ingredients that all compliment the art of good eating. 

Why we choose Terre Exotique:

Brining flavours of the world to you means finding unique suppliers with unique flavours and products, Terre Exotic brings spices and blends from france and around the world with unique flavours and aromas to aid your cooking experience. 

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About TRS:

TRS started as a small family business, bringing the tastes of Asia and authentic Asian food to the UK. Today it is a market leader in the Uk independent sector and distributes its range of products throughout Europe, Russia, Canada and USA. Products like TRS spices, TRS tandoori masala and TRS food colouring are well sort after in the UK.

Why we choose TRS:

With a vast range of products, from beans and pulses to canned fruits and vegetables, TRS provides a variety of ingredients for authentic Asian cooking at home. Allowing us to stay true to our goal, brining worldly ingredients to your door. 

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